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Tudor Inspirations

Tudor Inspirations

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Tudor Inspirations, introducing a new way to bead, Elementally.

Tudor Inspirations is now only available as an e-book in the apple book store

It has been a huge pleasure to create this book with my great friend and kindred beading spirit, Melanie de Miguel. We both have a passion for teaching and sharing techniques, and in this book we’ve collaborated to bring you an exciting new elemental approach especially for the more adventurous beader. Join us on this thrilling adventure to recreate designs inspired by the rich and indulgent jewels of the Tudor and Elizabethan eras.

Tudor Inspirations has ten gorgeously rich designs, inspired by the costume and jewellery of the Tudor period. 

“Melanie and Heather have distinctive styles and their clever collaboration has resulted in a fresh way of working with separate elements. Choose to make an entire project (all are drool worthy), or browse the library of elements to pick and choose your own combination of both artists’ elements.”


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