'Unfurl' Bead & Jewellery Magazine

I love designing for magazines when the opportunity arises, so when an invitation arrived to design something for the January 2023 issue of Bead and Jewellery magazine, who could resist?

'Unfurl' is the result and I thought you might like a peek into the design process, which is a bit different for magazines than it is for kits and classes.

The first thing to think about is page space, so the challenge is to create a design that is gorgeous, yet easy to do in a limited space for directions. Next, the materials need to be easily sourced for readers to order. Add to the mix, with a design that can be adapted to suit the wearer without too much difficulty.

As the design is for the January issue I started in August, thinking about New Year, how we make plans and resolutions, and a lovely new trend which is to pick a word or phrase to guide us through the coming year. I chose Unfurl, as the limitations of the past few years lighten, we can stretch out again.

With that in mind, the next step was to source some interesting materials and I chose to explore the ‘Aurora’ range of Rivoli which come in gorgeous colours and multiple sizes.

I chose a simple leaf motif to symbolise unfurling, and a bezel that, with a slight change to the bead count, could be worked around the all different sizes of Rivoli. It took a while to decide on the configuration of the necklace, here’s my bead board with bezels and leaves, I moved the pieces around and took photos, which I thought about for a while. The final layout feels great to wear, and is easy to join together.

To add in the possibility of more designs from the elements, I made bracelets using the remaining Rivoli from each packet. I am definitely a bracelet fan and have been wearing these with chunky jumpers.


If you'd like to bead your own 'Unfurl'

bead and Jewellery Magazine is available here.

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