The Verona Ltd edition kit

I love everything about this design, from creating it, to the classes via zoom. I have several bracelets and necklaces made for me, and love how decadently lavish they are.The Verona design is inspired by Italian Rennaisance jewels and traditional lattice hair adornments. I spend a lot of time in museums, or with my nose stuck in a history book, it is where I find a lot of inspiration.  I can often be found lost in imagining how a piece of carving or a detail from a painting, could be reworked into beads.

I borrowed an idea from my book Bead Net, which explores the history of beaded netting. While writing the book, I discovered that changes in bead size at crucial points will give netting a degree of elasticity, and these gorgeous Rennaisance paintings reminded me of the technique.

The design is based on a quick technique to create a squared bezel for 12mm Crystal stone 4470, (which, happily for stash busting, also fits a 14mm Rivoli 1122. The bezel edges are combined with a netting technique that makes this an easy to slide on, expandable bangle.

The combination is so versatile, I’ve included an option to create two variations of necklace to complement the bangle. I also include ideas for earrings, and a way to attach a clasp if you prefer a more closely fitted style of bracelet.

 I have just a few of each colourway available, and you can find the kits here
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