The Annecy Pendant

This design has been hugely popular as a class, and it has a sweet story behind it. I regularly teach a five day retreat at the Alpine Experience in the French Alps. I was teaching the Colours of Love Masterclass, all about Albion Stitch, Geometric shapes and colour, all inspired by vintage crochet blankets. As an example I made the Annecy pendant, an extra, simply to show how far the ideas we were working our way through could be pushed. Everyone in class decided they just wanted one for themselves, immediately. Without written instructions, we got there with me calling out each step.

During our trip we had a day out to the beautiful town of Annecy, the waters are truly turquoise, one of my favourite colours, which is how the pendant became a new class and got its name. I have just a limited number of kits available, as my stock of Crystal Mesh is finite.

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