Virtually together – Zoom classes 2020

I have zoom classes! Please check my workshops page here for booking links. The classes I’ll be teaching are in association with the bead shops where we would usually meet for in person classes. Each store will be putting together materials packs for their class event if you need them, in time for you to pre-order before the class.

About the current classes

Beachcomber. Inspired by the colourful seaside accessories of beach balls, buckets and spades, this design is a simple collection of beaded beads, little pendants and colourful O rings. Links and spinners are the key to the design that can be worked in lots of different combinations.Embellished peyote stitch is used to create losenge shaped beads. A cute netting technique is used to cage drop beads for the pendants. A colourful statement that is light and comfortable to wear on sunny days. A class is for intermediate level students (anyone who has mastered thread tension).

Shell Seeker. Inspired by long happy days spent beach combing for natural treasures, I’ve created a spiral formation beaded shell, embellished with sparkling crystals.The structure is worked in seed beads, forming a double twist. It’s definitely an intriguing shape to build with beads.The double twist allows for two rows of embellishment, or leave it with just one adorned with crystals. The Shell Seeker is a lovely object to create and own, or add a beaded loop to the top to use as a simple pendant.This class is suitable for advanced level students (anyone who is comfortable with complex thread paths).

Annecy.The lake at Annecy is the most beautiful turquoise blue, and the medieval buildings reflected in the waters were the inspiration for this pendant design. Constructed and layered, then embellished with tiny crystal mesh elements. The pendant hangs from a chain intersected with beaded beads. This is also a class to explore structure in Albion stitch. This class is suitable for intermediate level students (anyone who has mastered thread tension).

Luciana. Inspired by the Venetian carnival and gorgeous costumes, moonlit gondola rides and the romance that is Venice. The Luciana necklace is a delicious mix of crystals and pearls. The curling centrepiece wraps around a coin pearl, and is decorated with detailed fringes and a bail. The necklace is a pretty chain with beaded beads. Worked in a mix of Albion stitch and netting with a little bit of right angle weave. Perfect for experienced beaders who want an interesting construction to play with.

Verona. The Verona design is inspired by the Italian Rennaisance jewels and traditional lattice hair adornments. Based on a simple technique to create a squared bezel, which is then combined with a netting technique that makes this an easy to slide on, expandable bangle. The combination is so versatile, included in the class is an option to create an elegantly curved necklace to complement the bangle, plus other combinations to inspire you to experiment, including a bracelet with clasp option.


Viola. A set of motifs that can be worked as bracelets pendants and necklaces, in many different combinations. A quick and easy bezel for Rivoli and Chatons, crystal links and right angle weave connections. The recipe is given for each one, then you can choose how to put them together. Which is the fun part of the day, with more examples to give you inspiration. Stitches are a combination of Right Angle Weave, Peyote stitch and netting.This class is suitable for intermediate level students (anyone who has mastered thread tension).