Tropical Beloved

Iluminada, who owns Casa Maynel bead shop in Santo Domingo, contacted me recently to ask if I would allow her to teach my ‘Beloved’ design to her students, offering a generous payment for my license in return. Now I would love to hop on a plane and go visit, but it is a long way from here to there!

Maybe one day, but meanwhile, this was a lovely alternative way to connect with a group of beaders having fun together.
Iluminada sent me these gorgeous photographs of students work and I am just so inspired by the vibrant colourways I had to share them with you too. Each one is beautifully beaded and I love those cute matching earring sets.

Gracias a mis nuevos amigas!















If these fab colours have you twitching to bead, you can find the pattern for Beloved here in the pdf store. If you’re not ready for mixing it up, there are kits available here.