Thank you Crafts Beautiful

It’s fun being interviewed, some questions leave you thinking, long after you’ve come up with answers, I love the ‘What advice would you give to someone starting beading?’ in this interview.
Beginners, my advice is just start, fail, try again and enjoy each moment of learning. Every time you come back to the beads you will be a little more skilled, until suddenly those really complicated looking patterns won’t look so daunting. I’d also say, find other beaders, we are a huge and loving community and welcome beginners always. Ask, lots of questions, everyone has a tip to pass on, just like any craft.

Crafts Beautiful is a colourful magazine with a mix of crafts, papercrafting, sewing, knitting, crochet and jewellery making to try. They have a colourful craft filled website too. Aimed towards quick and fun makes with lots of seasonal ideas, hopefully I might just tempt someone to have a go with beads too.