Take some greens

I’ve just returned from a trip to the Bead Days event in Augsburg, Germany. I could show you lots of people busy beading, shopping for beads, talking about beads, admiring each others beadwork… I could. Teaching at a bead show is huge fun, but full on bead gatherings also needs a counterbalance, so mine is to take a walk.

augsburg parkThis is a view of the park next to the lovely venue. As the sun goes down, I love the way it lights up the leaves, the air smells of warm grass and juicy greens, sun baked soil and frying food, it’s en route to an outdoor Beer Garden, well a girl’s got to eat.

green glass cabsNo trip to a bead show is done until the shopping has commenced, I like to pick out a few pieces to remind me of the show, the laughter, new students and old friends. Bead Days has a wonderful selection of traders. A true ‘Salon’ of bead shows, with artisans, new designers, small family businesses and bead shops who’s owners really ‘get’ their customers quests for the exact mix of ingredients for a project.

I chose these mouthwateringly gorgeous sherbet and sorbet coloured glass cabochons from traditional pressed glass manufacturer Friedrich Seibt.
Some have an iridescent sheen, some change from green to aqua as they are moved, and I love each and every one! I have a project in mind, have the beads already gathered together, but it will be a while before I can sit and create, so for now they are a fresh green promise of beading to come.