The story behind Relic

Part of being a creative person is the fun of digging out ideas. looking for inspiration is like treasure hunting and mystery solving all rolled together. it’s exciting and enticing and you never know where the next clue will turn up. I’ve long had a fascination with symbols and trinkets and what they mean to the wearer, so I was looking at a book about sacred prayer boxes and reliquaries. I love the idea that  jewellery can contain a hidden secret known only to you, the wearer. A relic is ‘something left behind’, a Reliquary is a place to keep a precious object.

relicpic3aNext in this particular treasure hunt was the arrival of pyramid shaped beads which resembled many of the decorations I’d seen in the book. Like iron nail heads in oak treasure boxes! I love that we have so many new beads available to play with, some sit on my desk for ages before inspiration strikes, but the pyramid beads I fell for instantly.

Relic was made using six pyramid beads and embellished with pearls, I really enjoyed how gothic and steampunk it turned out! The pattern is here in the pdf store.

I wear my Relic pendant a lot in the autumn as it goes well with the textures of knitted jumpers and winter woolies, I have it on a satin ribbon. With so many bead colours to choose from it could easily be made in pretty delicate colours too, and if ribbons are not your thing it will easily slide on to a chain.