Still loving Lila

I went shopping, as you do, and decided what my new top needed was a set Lila bangles to match.
I was a bit short of time getting ready to head out to the Bead & Button show, so I modified Lila to a single row of flowers and decorated both edges with leaves, if you have the pattern you’ll see how easy this is to do. (Tempted? the pattern is here ).

I like this daintier variation, it sits well with the pattern on the shirt.

I sqweezed in time to make a matching Florabud bangle too.

I love this colourway so much! I thought you might like it too. I used Miyuki seed beads in:

  • 1233 opaque mustard
  • 4452 opaque banana
  • 2021 matt ivory
  • 4474 forest
  • 2031 sage green lustre
  • 401F matt black
  • 1051 silver