Spring shawl candy

 Tropical Flower is a shawl ring with definite impact!

The design is composed of several elements; a gorgeous crystal beaded flower, a beaded buckle and a scattering of simple leaves, giving you lots of room to make your own colourful variations.

It is gorgeous in summer tropical colours, yet looks great in softer blossom combinations too. It even looks good in more muted shades,  here it is at the centre of a statement necklace made for a Toho Challenge. 

I first created the Tropical flower for an article in the lovely German magazine Perlen Poesie, (issue 13, 2012). Since then I’ve worn and used mine so often I thought you’d enjoy the pattern revival too.

Use Tropical flower to glamorise your summer shawls, secure your sarong with style, or add it as a centre piece to your favourite lariat. I wear mine simply, threaded on to some size 8 beady crochet ropes.

Feeling tempted to gather together some sparkling supplies and start beading?

The pattern is in waiting for you in the pdf store here.