Samarkand necklace in three jewel colourways

Samarkand was such a fun workshop! Now it’s time to share it to everyone who can’t make it to a class. If you’ve ever sewn a simple seam, this is a lovely introduction to a different kind of mixed media. You get to make a silk bead first. Which could be the start of an amazing creative journey through the fabric remnants. But for this design, just one silk bead is gently encased with pure beading. The inspiration was a conversation with a friend who makes silk jackets. It reminded me of the basket full of fabrics I had at home. Here’s how it happened.



All sorts of bits and pieces are gathered together, then work starts in the sketchbook. Scribbled ideas, cuttings from magazines and the internet, all gets messily mixed together. With gleaming and jewel coloured snippets of silk spread out, ideas begin to flow, which is a lovely state of being. 


Then it is time to start working with the materials until there is a finished design. This goes in stages until a design emerges that I can’t wait to wear. Then it is refined and written up in easy steps to share in class. Here are two gorgeous versions made by students who joined me for a Samarkand day.











Like to make yourself a light and easy to wear Samarkand necklace too? The kit with everything fabric and beady to make a complete necklace is available in three colour ways here.