Rosslyn inspired bracelet

Rosslyn Chapel is a masterpiece of the stone masons art. Nestled into the landscape it has been an inspiration from Wordsworth to Dan Brown. Little details of the stonework were the inspiration starting point for the shapes in my new Rosslyn bracelet. The result is an architectural blend of chaton and crystal frames, interspersed with delicate arches. I’m loving the crunchy textures! The colour inspiration came from the wider landscape; dark peat, moss and lichen, wild Heather and windblown stone. It also came from a treasured hoard of woven Mohair fabric, and the last of my summer Hydrangea.This is absolutely my favourite part of designing, finding new colour mixes that help to tell the story of the shapes of the beading.









Rosslyn is available in three dreamy colourways and you can find the kits here. If you prefer to go on your own colour inspiration adventure you can find the Rosslyn Bracelet PDF in my PDF store here.