Workshop projects

My 2022 workshops.

I am continuing to offering my workshops via Zoom to groups and venues.

For booking information for your group, venue or bead store, please contact me here.


I always like to include a class that mixes textiles with beadwork. For 2022 the Rosebud is a sweet velvet rosebud created with hand dyed silk velvet. Stems and leaves are beaded in fine detail. Rosebud is a technique based class, there will be finished pieces to inspire you, to perhaps make a corsage, brooch, or add your rosebud to a bead embroidered bag front or cuff. Rosebud’s can also be  worked to form a necklace or simple bangle style bracelet.

Skill level: Intermadiate

Boheme Flower

First created for the Japanese magazine Bead Art and Embroidery, the Boheme flower is a celebration of the versatility of Albion stitch. Layers of colour shaded petals surround a bezelled and embellished Rivoli, a finely detailed and structured leaf complements the Chrysanthemum flower.

Skill level: Advanced.

Happy Place

Happy place is a class to explore a technique for creating simple bezels for Rivoli and Chatons. The bezelled stones can be linked using variations of a technique to create bands for bracelets, curved pieces for sweetheart necklaces, or linked to make pendants.

Skill level: Intermediate.

The Celtic Princess pendant

The Celtic Princess pendant is worked from a fine metal filigree base, iusing a variety of beading stitches to created a richly layered effect. The beadwork encases Chatons
and is embellished with crystals. A beaded bail section and fine beaded chain complete the piece.

Skill Level: intermediate.

The Celestial pendant

The celestial necklace is worked in a combination of stitches to create a Moon and stars, with seed beads and sparking crystals. A perfectly balanced crescent moon sits among star strands, all suspended from a delicate bail and beaded chain.

Skill level: intermediate to advanced. 

The Arabesque necklace

The Arabesque necklace has a central pendant and three interlinked beaded elements. With a new way to bezel Chatons and lots of fine detailing, the Arabesque is a richly vintage looking piece that is satisfying to create.

Skill level: advanced.


A technique based class with lots of room for experimentation. Create the hollow form Pod, embellished with beads and crystals, beaded beads, and links of embellished rings. The class includes how to take the concept further to make variations to the pod shape.

Skill level: intermediate to advanced.

The Constance pendant

Inspired by the doorway to a secret garden, the Constance pendant is a collection of bezelled and linked Rivoli, delicately entwined with a garland of beaded Ivy leaves and crystals. A detailed beaded chain is included in the class.

Skill level: intermediate.

The Mullion bracelet

Sweet and simply fun, the Mullion bracelet is worked in a combination of two repeating elements. A detailed rose setting for a Chaton, and panes to display more crystals. The elements can be reconfigured to make necklaces and pendants, and even a three dimensional beaded ball.

Skill level: intermediate.

The Connie necklace

The Connie necklace is a colourful and sparkling combination of beaded beads, continuing my hollow form series. With a new bezel technique for a Rivoli pendant, crystal encrusted beaded rings and three sizes of hollow form bicone beaded beads, Connie is an infinitely adaptable selection of elements.

Skill level: intermediate.

The Magian Periapt pendant

An amulet pendant with a rich texture and lavish crystal detail. Another hollow form structure combining stitch techniques to create a hollow yet self supporting ring. beaded bails and rings support the chain and Rivoli pendant.

Skill level: intermediate.

The Antiquarian bracelet

The Antiquarian bracelet is a combination of gorgeously textured bezel elements for both Rivoli and Chatons. Straight from the history books, these elements can be reconfigured to make wide cuffs, necklaces and pendants.

Skill level: intermediate.

The Annecy pendant

The Annecy pendant is an Albion stitch sampler of techniques to create both crisp geometric and softer forms. Layered and embellished, the shapes include squares and triangles in a unique combination that build to create a three dimensional pendant. A beaded ball pendant and intricate chain detail are the finishing touches.

Skill level: intermediate to advanced.

Shell Seeker

A beautiful crystal encrusted spiral shell. With its realistic formation it is simply a beautiful object to bead. Add one or two to a bowl of beach find shells, or use driftwood and hang them a sun catcher. The class includes how to add a loop and seaweed inspired tassel to make a pendant necklace.

Skill level: intermediate.

The Gardenalia pendant

Inspired by my own garden, the Gardenalia pendant has transparent panes, bezelled and surrounded with bezelled Chaton and beaded leaves. Create the full pendant, or reconfigure the elements for to create larger or smaller pendants and leafy bracelets.

Skill level: intermediate to advanced.