Netted Beadwork


New Ideas for Netted Beadwork.

I loved researching beadwork techniques in Africa, and developed many new ideas for bead netting. Here, I show how to master the foundations of bead netting, then go on to make self-supporting beaded shapes. There are colourful necklaces, expandable bracelets, rings, bangles, clasps, buttons, embellished beads and balls.Learn flat and spherical bead netting – and create your own unique beaded jewellery, shapes and surfaces.This book is now available as an ebook from my friends at Vivebooks. Click here to visit their site and purchase your copy.

Netted beadwork (bead netting), one of the earliest beading techniques, is simple to learn and easy to adapt. The tube form of beaded netting is used in many cultures, to cover anything from tassel tops and beads to gourds and bottles. It makes fabulous jewellery.

‘interesting and well illustrated . . . Concise instructions, clear diagrams and excellent photos combine with compelling background information to make an accessible study of this stitch. . . A photo gallery of colorful and ethnically diverse netted beadwork from around the world will inspire beaders to create their own projects’ – Bead and Button magazine