Fritillary Necklace


A fascinating flower inspired pendant, with complex construction and moveable elements. Looking for just the pattern? You can find it here in my PDF store.



 Limited Edition offer of this very popular, but now retired, workshop design.

Inspired by wild Fritilliary flowers that grow in a meadow near my studio, this pendant is an adventure in construction and colour play. With an inner pod and fringe, outer petals in the form of a rotating sepal, spinning links and a Chenille stitch rope embellished with beaded beads; this is a complex construction that is satisfying to create. Worked in a mix of seed beads, accent crystals and mini Super8 beads, and a combination of Peyote stitch, Herringbone stitch, Chenille stitch and fringing.


Additional information

Weight 0.083 kg
Dimensions 210 × 110 × 20 mm

Olivine Ivory, Pink Champagne, Plum Rose, Silver Lime