Fortuna Pendant Necklace


Beadwork combined with gorgeous acrylic, glass and metal components give the Fortuna pendant necklace lots of rich and delicate detail.



Fortuna is a lovely combination of simple beading stitches that capture and hold a clear orb and half dome. A long pendant that will pick up and reflect whatever colour you wear it with. It is a very tactile piece, the perfect ‘worry bead’ you’ll love to run through your fingers. To make your Fortuna pendant, the stitch techniques include Right Angle Weave, Albion stitch and Netting. The finished pendant is approximately 2.5cm wide and 12.5cm long. It hangs from a dainty beaded centre section which links to delicate metal chain. 

Additional information

Weight 0.080 kg
Dimensions 210 × 150 × 20 mm

Brandy Wine, Pink Champagne, Steel Green