New kit, True North

A New Kit!  It has been lovely to sit and bead the True North samples, thinking of all my beading friends as I work. True North was inspired by a poem which got me thinking about history and treasure, quests and purpose. Finding your True North is supposedly the key to happiness, for me, it is the time and space to immerse myself in my crafts and simply create the ideas in my imagination.

I love this pendant for several reasons. Firstly because it was my first adventure with Cork fabric, which is a very thin layer of cork, bonded to a backing. It is soft as butter to stitch through and is my new favourite foundation for bead embroidery. Next, True North combines gorgeously sparkly components brought back from journeys abroad, with really easy beading techniques so it is relaxing to make. No complicated challenges here, yet the end result looks satisfyingly rich and colourful. I also love this design because the making of it helped me calm down and work through the processes of designing, instruction writing, photographing and sharing, settling me back into my journey of creativity. The antique compass featured in the product photographs belonged to a family member and it was used often throughout his life to make journeys across far flung continents.  The True North kits can best be described as ‘one of not very many’, as the combination of supplies are limited to my precious stash! if you’d like one, they are available here.