New Albion Stitch

It has been a long time in the development but I’m so excited to share with you a new Albion Stitch book, published by Kalmbach Books in the USA. I’ve had such fun working with the team. The excitement is definitely mounting here as we count down the days until it is published.
Here’s what the lovely Kalmbach team say…

Introducing Albion Stitch
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In the world of stitching “new” stitches tend to be variations of old favourites, and truly new stitches are extremely rare. In Introducing Albion Stitch, Heather Kingsley-Heath teaches bead stitchers her own Albion stitch, a new invention that can be used to create flat pieces, lacy designs, and stunning dimensional “ridged” pieces. Beaders can use Albion stitch alongside their old favourite stitches to make 20 new projects.
Heather’s designs use the latest bead shapes like spikes, gum drops, rula, tila, and others in the most popular colors.
All the projects feature Heather’s playful sense of color and organic, dimensional designs.

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