National Beading Week 2016

People Chain x 12

Last year the Beadworkers Guild here in the UK launched National Beading Week. A way to get people talking about our wonderful hobby, gathering together to bead, and, to visit our fantastic bead shops to show love and support. I don’t think anyone expected it to take off quite so quickly, but within days it was no longer National, but International beading week.

NBW Logo - 2016 Dated

This year I was invited to be an ambassador. Well you know I can talk beads like, forever! but I thought it would be fun to create a simple bracelet and bangle design to share. It is free to download here. Or you can click on Shop and then click on free patterns.

National Beading week bracelet

You’re welcome to use it at your bead shop, store, group or club, just show and share your creations as the week progresses. I’ll be inviting posts to my facebook page and we’d love to to spread the word and share the bead love, so feel very welcome to get in touch and join in.

Why a rainbow? well the logo has a rainbow of beads on it. There are seven traditional colours of the rainbow, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, so that’s one of each day of National Beading week.(Or eight if you are a Terry Pratchett fan and include Octarine, the colour of magic).

Bright playground colours are not everyone’s thing, so how about a pastel rainbow just like the ones that light up our skies.

Or maybe muted one lifted from the colours of antique tapestries. If you are more a single colour kind of person, how about going from the darkest shade to the lightest in seven steps. I’m loving the idea of a coffee lovers rainbow from sultry cafe noir to frothy cafe latte with shades of mocha and cappuchino in between. Closest to my heart would be a set of turquoise through green to pale lime.

Download the pattern, then have a joyous time picking out your beads and don’t forget to show and share your rainbow creations.

If you’d like to know more about the Guild and the things get up to visit

If you’d like to find out about National Beading week there is a special website with more freebies and lots of information

People Chain x 12