Museum musings

The Museum of Beadwork has a lovely project going on. An invitation to create and submit a 6in x 6in beaded Square, the project will be ‘A bead based ‘quilt’ visualizing the individual and communal experience of this distinct moment in history’. Probably like a lot of people, I have confused, sad, angry and negative thoughts about ‘this moment in time’. So I focused on this instead… In the future, looking back on this time, what will I cherish and bring forward with me?  

Beaders are very sociable, our community has quickly become groups of faces on screens, where we share our love of craft, stitch away our fears and fasten our hopes together with beads and thread. I meet up with dear friends weekly, something just not possible with our previously hectic schedules. We are a strong, intelligent, creative, passionate, funny and articulate group and our virtual meet ups are definitely a lifeline of love.

In the face of the enormity of the pandemic, looking for the pleasure in the small things is a way to stay positive and centred. The good things I’m cherishing and hope we will bring forward with us are, that our skies and waters are clearing of pollution and wild nature is flourishing. The pleasure of growing and nurturing plants in the garden, time spent being present with friends. So my beaded panel grew into a set of symbols, that, for me, sum up these small but precious joys.

The beading was great fun, I layered translucent fabrics to make a background. Then used velvet and fine braid, with lots of bead embroidery, to make the shapes. I think I just about fulfil the requirement for not less that 50% beads.



Dragonfly = Wisdom, transformation, adaptability in life.

Beetle = Hard work, stability, solidarity, co-operation, love and creativity.

Leaves = Hope, renewal and revival.


Daisy = New beginnings. In my Celtic heritage it symbolises that ‘Every hardship can be lessened and made sweet’.


Now I have to parcel it up and send it off to the Museum. Can’t wait to see the finished installation.

If you’d like to create a square, you can find all the information here on the Museum of Beadwork website.

Be inspired by what beaders from all over the world are creating, ask to join the facebook group.

My finished square