Loom love

I love it when an idea sets things in motion. A loom lover spotted this picturekeralaonloom in a blog post I wrote a few years ago about my Kerala bangle workshops (you can read it too, here). Then I began to get more emails asking for a ‘how to’.

After a lot of rummaging in the archives I found the original notes from the workshop which I’ve tidied up into a ‘recipe with ingredients’ which gives you all the basic info. It’s not a step by step, but all you need is a loom, beads from your stash and some embroidery weight threads to get started. Then you can explore the fun of mixing a selection of weaving techniques to create a unique and colourful mix. Instructions are included for finishing off warp ends to make a seamless bangle.

Tempted to have a play too? It’s now available in the digital store here.