Lilac inspiration

The year of garden inspiration continues.
May, my birthday month, brings the Lilac tree blooms,
huge cones of sweetly scented loveliness. I love this dark purple variety, and bring a few into the house each spring, their dark velvety purple is delicious. They are the inspiration behind my new Lila design, the simple flower shape clustered together was the perfect inspiration for a new beading idea.





Lila has two bangle designs (or bracelets for those of you who love a closer fit). Lila flower is a riot of leaves, flowers and colourful embellishment across a double row base. Lila stripe picks up the embellishment and runs with it to create cute arches over a single row base.

I’ve made kits in two colourways for Lila and they include enough beads for one of each Lila design. You can find the kits here.

If you prefer to just have the pattern, it’s in the pdf store here.