Intrepid beadwork

My ‘Georgiana’s Gems’ bracelet made the front cover of Bead and Jewellery magazine this month. Huge sqweee of excitement! I thought you might to know the story behind the design.

It all started with this little ‘UFO’ (unfinished object) which I thought might make a pretty bracelet. The UFO box is a treasure trove of, unloved at the time, bits of beading. But sometimes one piece will jump out, and there is usually a reason.

This time it was because my mind was on intrepid Victorian women explorers. Having just read about several in this book. What absolute bravery! to set off on what would be months of travelling to reach their exotic destinations.  I began to imagine the places they would see. Now we can stream, binge watch and pretty much see every corner of the world from our sofa; but how exotic and strange (and unblemished by tourism) the world would have looked to these amazing women. Georgiana is a fictional traveller, who has a little treasure box of mementoes of her travels. I decided to make her a bracelet to add to her collection, and the result is Georgiana’s gems. Lots of delicate detail, gleaming crystals and, more importantly for a traveller, light and easy to wear.


My travels for this year start next week with a trip to California to meet up and bead, at Creative Castle. How different my packing is to those Victorian ladies who had to take every conceivable tool, supply, essential and luxury with them, all while being trussed up in corsets and long frocks. I have the reverse, everything I need must weigh less than 23kg and I have to carry it myself. I’ll definitely be wearing one of these bracelets though, to remind me of how lucky I am to travel so easily.