Holiday mood

We took a late holiday this year, two whole weeks in Greece. It was bliss to chill out and just sit and listen to the ocean. I think it took about four days for me to get completely relaxed and slow down enough to appreciate long lazy lunches, to wander with no particular destination in mind and to just sit and watch the sun setting. It was also simply heaven to be in the sunshine.


I didn’t take any beading with me! which had me twitchy at first, but as my thoughts slowed down, my imagination began to explore so many ideas that don’t usually get room to grow.

holiday2We were near to Mount Athos and the amazing monasteries, so local souvenir shops were filled with beautiful Byzantine inspired art and jewellery. I confess to packing a notebook, and gradually filled enough pages with ideas to keep me busy all winter.

My favourite part of the holiday was beach combing, we were on an amazing shoreline, filled with marble and quartz, a beautifully sparkly stone and instead of sea glass, terracotta shards worn smooth as pebbles by the waves. Now we are home and they sit in a dish with treasures from other holidays to remind me of the warm sun as Autumn gets underway here.