Hilzingen cuff

The Hilzingen cuff was inspired by the landscape outside the window on a beading retreat in Germany. That, a pile of shapely Pip beads in silky finishes and a fun plan to use bigger than size 11 and 15 seed beads for a change.




The end result is a bangle cuff (or bracelet with a clasp) which snuggles against the wrist and is super comfortable to wear. You can use all sorts of accent beads other than Pips for the edging, petals, thorns, tulips, pressed leaves, lentils. Each will give a slightly different look.

My favourite is worked in dark metallic and matte Olivine with just a hint of sage and ginger.
So if you feel like a project in larger beads, you’ll need size 8 and 11 seed beads, Pip or other single hole accent beads, and, if you’re planning a bangle I recommend using the Sonoko beading thread to give it a touch of elasticity.

Find the pattern in the pdf store here.