Fortuna Pendant

A New Kit!  Fortuna has been waiting in the wings for the longest while, as all the components took their time to arrive from various points of origin. But now I’m delighted to share: Tada! ‘Fortuna’ a brand new design from me, for a beautifully proportioned pendant. The design centres around a clear orb and half dome, with lots of beady detail and tiny sparkling crystals. Fortuna is inspired by the Roman goddess of Fortune, and time taken researching our long history of fascination with crystal ball

There is something very calming about how a perfectly transparent ball changes and magnifies the things around it, like raindrops on a window, or a perfectly still pool of water.

I’ve been wearing a green one non stop since I finished beading it, and I’ve discovered a delightful bonus, it’s an ideal ‘Worry’ piece, it feels lovely when you run the fringes through your fingers. I really enjoyed weaving the ideas together for you, and the worksheet with the kit includes a little history of the sources of inspiration, for you to muse over between beading.

The kit is available here in these three colourways

The colourways, just pick your favourite!