Dragonfly tails

The Dragonfly first appeared as an exhibition piece for Swarovski London, and features in the gallery pages of Albion Stitch book two. It also appeared in articles in Beadwork Magazine in the USA and Bead Magazine in the UK. As a result, a lot of requests for the pattern arrived in the inbox. The original was made without a workshop in mind, and used a lot of vintage bits from the bead box which I knew would probably not be widely available. So for the longest while I replied to those emails requesting the pattern with a polite thank you, but it can’t be done.

The original Dragonfly
The original Dragonfly

Finally the penny did drop! I visited my favourite bead store to gather crystals and beads with which to re-work the design. I’ll be honest and admit that I wasn’t looking forward to the task of following the thread paths back through the original piece, but like most things that get put off, once you commit, it’s easier than anticipated. Dragonfly two was born, and to make sure everyone could access the beads and crystals if needed, a kit was born at the same time.

Since then it has become one of the most popular designs and it is enchanting to see the many colour variations that get created.

Dragonfly has been made to adorn wedding outfits and party frocks, as gifts and thank you’s; even as a set of several to make a sparkly mobile; but my favourite story is about the one made to decorate a parcel containing a fishing tackle box, a retirement present for a much loved colleague.