Divine pendant

The inspiration for Divine is all about friendship and new places. On my first visit to California, I fell in love with San Diego’s ice-cream colours and Art Deco treasures. The sound of the Pacific ocean on an endless beach edged with fairytale pretty Jacaranda trees, and the Eagles lyrics coming to life as we drove along the highway at sunset.

I took the Beloved pendant and redesigned it to create the first Divine necklaces as gifts for my friends, who make my return visits such memorable and treasured events.

‘On a dark desert highway’ la lalala la
Jacaranda trees in the hot sun










So then, of course,  I had necklace envy and made one for me. Requests for the pattern whenever I wore it resulted in more design options with curved wings, no wings, and a delightful rummage in my stash of vintage and modern glass beads to make the kits.

Everyday version of Divine

For everyday I made one without wings, as they are fairly quick to make its easy to make one to match a favourite top; next on my bead mat is one in Jacaranda purples and silvery ocean blue to remind me of my journeys.

The kits are here in a delicious set of colourways, pretty and sweetly pink for good girls, soft turquoise for angelic souls and darkly divine ruby for our inner party girl diva’s.