Creating Cristabelle

Sometimes even the best made plans go awry, and this was the case earlier this year. We had the perfect storm of bead orders held up for weeks in customs; lengthy post delays for precious parcels being sent out to beaders, and an ever dwindling deadline to make the magic happen for a special event. In the end, we had to admit defeat… and simply wait for the storm to pass.

Shipments have finally arrived and the gorgeous Cristabelle bracelet is ready to go. I love the design of this piece, it’s so easy to wear and you can make it snug fit or loose and bangly. Signature features of dainty and detailed beading bring together crystals, pearls and my beloved Albion stitch.
The original design was in pewter and violet, a pretty, go with anything mix, but with the arrival of new crystals and beads, I’ve expanded the collection to include three more temptingly delicious colourways. You can find them in the Kits department here.