Colours of Love

It’s all go here, preparing for a very special get together.
I’m delighted to be teaching at the Alpine Experience for the first time this summer… five whole days to bead together in beautiful surroundings… with delicious food and wine! I hear tell there’s even a hot tub for easing the beaded out shoulders after class.




The inspiration is Granny square blankets, those warm hugs of colourful yarn. I’ve created a whole new way to use Albion stitch to make squares, triangles, pentagons and hexagons. We’ll explore how to grow, join, and build everything from simple bands to complex 3D shapes, all with one simple technique. It’s going to be fun and creative!
My next lovely job here in the studio is to pick out some delicious colour packs for everyone to use,  inspired by those vintage blankets.

To get the party started there is a delightfully delicate pendant called… Divine, it’s worked with tiny crystals and vintage accent beads. Worked in 3D it’s the perfect introduction to the techniques we’ll be using.

Tempted to join us? Just click on this link for all the details, dates and booking.