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Still loving Lila

I went shopping, as you do, and decided what my new top needed was a set Lila bangles to match. I… Read more »

Bump in the Road

Time to share the Boho sparkle love with the release of Bump in the Road.  This versatile beadwork design includes… Read more »

Lila and that jacket

Do you have that thing where you put away the winter clothes and review how many of last summer’s still… Read more »

Lilac inspiration

The year of garden inspiration continues. May, my birthday month, brings the Lilac tree blooms, huge cones of sweetly scented loveliness. I… Read more »

Spring shawl candy

 Tropical Flower is a shawl ring with definite impact! The design is composed of several elements; a gorgeous crystal beaded… Read more »

Country Garden

The post about the Auricula flowers seems to have hit the spot, so here is some more eye candy inspired by… Read more »

Summer Garland Kits

Using my garden for inspiration is proving to be great fun. The Rosemary by the garden gate is flowering, and… Read more »