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A new Bracelet

October Issue 91 of the Beadworkers Guild Journal has arrived! I’m happy because now I can reveal my Pocket Money… Read more »

Creating Cristabelle

Sometimes even the best made plans go awry, and this was the case earlier this year. We had the perfect… Read more »

Fortuna Pendant

A New Kit!  Fortuna has been waiting in the wings for the longest while, as all the components took their… Read more »

Museum musings

The Museum of Beadwork has a lovely project going on. An invitation to create and submit a 6in x 6in… Read more »

New kit, True North

A New Kit!  It has been lovely to sit and bead the True North samples, thinking of all my beading… Read more »

A different kind of Blue

It’s Forget me Not harvest time! Some years I miss the harvest because I’m travelling. It’s an extra bonus of… Read more »