Creating Cristabelle

Sometimes even the best made plans go awry, and this was the case earlier this year. We had the perfect storm of bead orders held up for weeks in customs; lengthy post delays for precious parcels being sent out to beaders, and an ever dwindling deadline to make the magic happen for a special event. In the end, we had to admit defeat… and simply wait for the storm to pass.

Shipments have finally arrived and the gorgeous Cristabelle bracelet is ready to go. I love the design of this piece, it’s so easy to wear and you can make it snug fit or loose and bangly. Signature features of dainty and detailed beading bring together crystals, pearls and my beloved Albion stitch.
The original design was in pewter and violet, a pretty, go with anything mix, but with the arrival of new crystals and beads, I’ve expanded the collection to include three more temptingly delicious colourways. You can find them in the Kits department here.

Rosslyn inspired bracelet

Rosslyn Chapel is a masterpiece of the stone masons art. Nestled into the landscape it has been an inspiration from Wordsworth to Dan Brown. Little details of the stonework were the inspiration starting point for the shapes in my new Rosslyn bracelet. The result is an architectural blend of chaton and crystal frames, interspersed with delicate arches. I’m loving the crunchy textures! The colour inspiration came from the wider landscape; dark peat, moss and lichen, wild Heather and windblown stone. It also came from a treasured hoard of woven Mohair fabric, and the last of my summer Hydrangea.This is absolutely my favourite part of designing, finding new colour mixes that help to tell the story of the shapes of the beading.









Rosslyn is available in three dreamy colourways and you can find the kits here. If you prefer to go on your own colour inspiration adventure you can find the Rosslyn Bracelet PDF in my PDF store here.

Magazine beading

I’m having a happy moment. My work has appeared in not one, but two publications recently. In October my Pocket Money Princess bracelet appeared in the Beadworker’s Guild Journal, you can read about it here.

But Tada! Heather goes super international, with not just a project, but a lovely feature article too, in the Japanese magazine ‘Bead Art & Embroidery’, published by the Japan Bead Society. My copy arrived in the post and I spent a very happy hour browsing the beautiful creations, love the inspiring mix of materials used from thread, wire and  bamboo to traditional seed beads. I also love the quality of images that enables a non Japanese reader to follow the stories and project steps visually.  Hopefully their readers will enjoy a glimpse into my little corner of planet bead too.

I’ve added the Boheme flower to my 2022 workshop offerings, I had a mini breakthrough with the ‘Drawing with beads’ and am excited to share some new Albion stitch techniques in this class.



Sometimes it takes a nudge. Birdie had been sitting in my ‘get the pattern written’ box for quite a while. Then, during a class discussion about Albion stitch, I showed the cute Easter version of Birdie, and the enthusiasm to bead one was, simply put, heartwarming.

I revisited the construction and decided to give the birdie some tail feathers and a crown, which only took a few sparkling crystals and some metallic beads. Another flock was born! The Year end prompted me to re-colour the Birdie to include a Christmas Robin.


The response has made the many hours of finessing the details, worth every minute, and I love how people are making their own versions of Birdie, based on their bead stash, and their imagination.

If you want to join in the fun, the PDF with all three variations is available in my PDF store here.

True North colour inspirations

I’ve had a great time this year teaching my colour theory for beaders in my ‘Colours of Love’ masterclass. There’s still one more to go in December (sign up here At City Beads Chicago).
So, with the arrival of the gorgeous Pave frames I use in the True North kits, I had enough beautiful glitteringly gorgeous Magenta ones to make a new colourway and used the masterclass theory to make the bead mix.
The inspiration was a piece of vintage Sanderson furnishing fabric, with just the right hint of autumn richnes for this time of year. I chose a vivid electric blue as the ‘kick’ colour and am loving the results. The True Notrh kits are back in stock and you can find them here.

A new Bracelet

October Issue 91 of the Beadworkers Guild Journal has arrived! I’m happy because now I can reveal my Pocket Money Princess bracelet which is in the issue. I’m also in the Designer Spotlight with a catch up of what I’ve been doing for the last year. But back to the bracelet…

We are all looking at alternatives to Swarovski, so I decided to use Aurora 8mm Rivoli, and Preciosa 3mm bicone crystals for extra sparkle. For seed beads I used some soft metallics and the new Jewel colours from Miyuki. The design beads up relatively quickly, with each segment growing from the next, so it’s easy to check the length and fit.

The Beadworkers Guild Journal is published quarterly and is packed full of beading news, articles and projects; plus special invitations and events for members. If you fancy becoming a member and joining in the fun, just visit their website here.

Fortuna Pendant

A New Kit!  Fortuna has been waiting in the wings for the longest while, as all the components took their time to arrive from various points of origin. But now I’m delighted to share: Tada! ‘Fortuna’ a brand new design from me, for a beautifully proportioned pendant. The design centres around a clear orb and half dome, with lots of beady detail and tiny sparkling crystals. Fortuna is inspired by the Roman goddess of Fortune, and time taken researching our long history of fascination with crystal ball

There is something very calming about how a perfectly transparent ball changes and magnifies the things around it, like raindrops on a window, or a perfectly still pool of water.

I’ve been wearing a green one non stop since I finished beading it, and I’ve discovered a delightful bonus, it’s an ideal ‘Worry’ piece, it feels lovely when you run the fringes through your fingers. I really enjoyed weaving the ideas together for you, and the worksheet with the kit includes a little history of the sources of inspiration, for you to muse over between beading.

The kit is available here in these three colourways

The colourways, just pick your favourite!

Museum musings

The Museum of Beadwork has a lovely project going on. An invitation to create and submit a 6in x 6in beaded Square, the project will be ‘A bead based ‘quilt’ visualizing the individual and communal experience of this distinct moment in history’. Probably like a lot of people, I have confused, sad, angry and negative thoughts about ‘this moment in time’. So I focused on this instead… In the future, looking back on this time, what will I cherish and bring forward with me?  

Beaders are very sociable, our community has quickly become groups of faces on screens, where we share our love of craft, stitch away our fears and fasten our hopes together with beads and thread. I meet up with dear friends weekly, something just not possible with our previously hectic schedules. We are a strong, intelligent, creative, passionate, funny and articulate group and our virtual meet ups are definitely a lifeline of love.

In the face of the enormity of the pandemic, looking for the pleasure in the small things is a way to stay positive and centred. The good things I’m cherishing and hope we will bring forward with us are, that our skies and waters are clearing of pollution and wild nature is flourishing. The pleasure of growing and nurturing plants in the garden, time spent being present with friends. So my beaded panel grew into a set of symbols, that, for me, sum up these small but precious joys.

The beading was great fun, I layered translucent fabrics to make a background. Then used velvet and fine braid, with lots of bead embroidery, to make the shapes. I think I just about fulfil the requirement for not less that 50% beads.



Dragonfly = Wisdom, transformation, adaptability in life.

Beetle = Hard work, stability, solidarity, co-operation, love and creativity.

Leaves = Hope, renewal and revival.


Daisy = New beginnings. In my Celtic heritage it symbolises that ‘Every hardship can be lessened and made sweet’.


Now I have to parcel it up and send it off to the Museum. Can’t wait to see the finished installation.

If you’d like to create a square, you can find all the information here on the Museum of Beadwork website.

Be inspired by what beaders from all over the world are creating, ask to join the facebook group.

My finished square