Autumn inspiration

I confess it’s been hard to get back to work after our holiday. Still feeling totally chillaxed, I decided to
embrace autumn and spent a happy afternoon cleaning the house and re-arranging bits and pieces. This helps me focus, no really! Changing the energy in each room with a little love and attention and finishing the day with a refreshed house and spirit.

autumn-posyThe garden has lots of berries, rose hips and seed heads and as I went to pick a bunch to bringing to the house I found a magically iridescent blue black Magpie feather, so I added it to the mix. Here is my little bunch of harvest treasure, a faded hydrangea flower, a flash of purple salvia, ivy seed heads, deliciously rusty yellow Crocosmia seed heads, and Rosemary. There is nothing like a bunch of fresh rosemary chopped in a dish to fill the house with fresh green scent.

Our village florist provided the next splash of colour. I love visiting and picking out a selection as a special treat, you never know what they will have in. I chose Goldenrod, spray carnations and fluffy orange flowers along with a tiny cloud or two of Gypsophilia and vibrant pinky orange roses. The florist told me these are her favourite, they’re called ‘Miss Piggy’ and fade to a more delicate colour as they open. Now the house is refreshed and I have no more excuses but to get down to work!