Autumn Arm Candy

Pinch me I’m Dreaming! A techniques based workshop that was great fun to teach and now available as a pdf.

The workshop was designed to detangle RAW from CRAW and MRAW using fun ropes, necklaces, bangles and bracelets worked in seed beads, pinch beads and crystals. Included is the ‘wear every day’ bangle; a favourite for trying out new colour combinations. It’s a sturdy yet flexible bangle that can be rolled on, so it can be made a little smaller than usual, which is easier to wear (if like me, you’re not a giant jangly bangle fan).

Hot off the bead mat and already being worn with a snuggly chunky knit jumper, this mix was inspired by deepest purply red onions.

If you’d like to play too the pdf is in the download store here.