Auricula Inspiration

Sometimes it’s nice to revisit favourite designs with fresh inspiration. I love this time of year because my Auricula start to flower. There is something about their vintage colours and cute as a button flowers that makes me happy. Here I am photographing this lovely rusty variation.






I decided to use my plants as inspiration this year, and start with just enjoying the colours as they arrive with the warmer weather and lighter evenings.

I chose milky hued silver lined beads, and the Spiral Garden pattern as it makes into such easy to wear bracelets and bangles.

Voila! I love it! If you want to know, the bead codes are: From top to bottom of the picture: Rose Bronze 4249, Nutmeg 4245, (I didn’t use the next one), then, Salmon Alabaster 553, Tawny Pink 645, Dark Mint 4241, and Banana 4452.
The Victorians loved Auricula and would make black velvet ‘theatres’ to better show off their colouring. It is one of the few flowers to have green, pale grey and chocolate coloured petals on some of the more highly prized varieties; many have a fine powdery ‘meal’ which gives them even more subtle colouring. Here are a couple more from my collection to inspire your colour mixes.