Anatomy of a kit

I thought it would be fun to share how kits are built at Heatherworks. After a design is created (which is a story for another day). The beads used in a design are counted (yes, really), then that quantity is counted out (which take ages). These beads are weighed and a percentage is added for just in case.

Materials are ordered in. If a design uses special components it can take a while for them to be made and shipped.
Beads are weighed into little bags and labelled. Sometimes there are willing helpers, this is Fennel sorting beads.

Next the little bags of each bead used, are gathered together and arranged nicely to go into each kit.

kit-contents readytogoThe process is repeated for each colourway, Then the kits are ready to go to a workshop, safely packed in boxes.


Or they are filed in the Heatherworks shelves ready for when a customer places an order.