Albion Bezel inspiration

Albion Stitch is one of the easiest ways to create a bezel. I was at a bead show when one of my lovely students, Lynn Gosling, brought this bezelled Laboradite cabochon to show me. She was full of enthusiasm about how easy it was to make the bezel fit a slightly uneven stone. I love her use of colour! There are lots of different ways to use Albion Stitch to create bezels, from simple ones to fit even stones, to variations which can accommodate the lumpiest of pieces and any number of corners.

Lynn Gosling's Albion stitch bezel.
Lynn Gosling’s Albion stitch bezel.

I also like the fact that you get to see a lot more of your focal stone using Albion Stitch, which is not always the case with other stitches.

To date I’ve bezelled just about everything from buttons to cheap and cheerful plastic crystals.
The visit from Lynn was timely as I’d just started the process of sorting out my cabochon stash with a promise to self to use them before being tempted to buy more (epic fail on that score!).
This in turn, got me thinking about the many beaders I know who also have a collection of lovely stones in the ‘one day when’ box. As a result I have a new workshop almost ready to teach for the 2014 season. Designed to show and share how to bezel just about any shape, the ‘Sticks and Stones’ class will also take a long look at the beading techniques needed to create links and framing once the stones are bezelled. Perfect for beaders in need of the first steps into designing. A big thank you to Lynn for reminding me about this one lovely aspect of Albion Stitch.