About Me

Thank you for joining me to share in my passion for shiny things and the simple joys of creating.

Each design is made because I love to wear beadwork. Next it is taught in classes and workshops because much of my year is taken up visiting to teach groups and travelling to shows and events. I love it because every class is different, but they each have at their heart the pure pleasure of beading together.  The moment when an idea clicks for a beginner is magical, equally so, when an experienced beader turns at the end of the day to say they have had a great day and discovered something new.

Other designs are created exclusively as kits, often using components I’ve collected on my travels and for which there may only be a limited supply.

Sometimes the story of an idea is too big for just one design, so I write books too. My books are a way of sitting down and having a conversation with you, each chapter revealing a new design, or a fresh way to use a technique.